Dan Kiley

Dan Kiley (1912-2004)


Dan Kiley is considered by many to be the father of modern landscape architecture and the preeminent landscape architect of the 20th Century. Dan Kiley’s work redefined landscape architecture by taking classical forms like hedges and allées and arranging them in unexpected patterns, using unlikely plants and sometimes employing fine materials where others might have used a standard solution.

His lifelong commitment to creating places of beauty that integrated human activities and natural systems resulted in the creation of iconic landscapes such as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, Fountain Place in Dallas, U.S. Air Force Academy, Dallas Museum of Art, Ford Foundation Building, Oakland Museum, John F. Kennedy Library and Lincoln Center.

Dan Kiley was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 1997, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an artist in the United States.


Chris and Kate Dunn

Chris and Kate Dunn

Kate Dunn, daughter of Dan Kiley, is president of Dunn + Kiley and brings twenty five years of management expertise to oversee firm operations.

Chris Dunn enjoyed part of his early career working for Dan Kiley. Under his leadership, Chris gained an appreciation for seeing design within the nature of the problem – a set of conditions for which one seeks the highest solution. While with Dan Kiley, Chris led projects such as the JFK Library, Dallas Museum of Art, and numerous private residences.

Environment and place – achieving balance.