Master Planning - Land  use Solutions

Master Planning

A site is almost never a big, blank slate waiting for creative genius; it is a set of conditions and problems for which one seeks the highest solution. Our master plans are sensitive to a variety of existing conditions, such as topography, natural resources, vegetation, infrastructure and buildings, adjacent development, circulation and open space connections. We embrace these existing conditions to provide a project response which is the greatest sustainable, appropriate and livable solution.

Our approach to land use and community planning integrates development, conservation and community strategies in order to create enduring land solutions that provide value for the landowner.


  • Master planning
  • Land use planning and approvals
  • Development strategies and programs
  • Visual analysis
  • Entitlements / approvals
  • Public involvement
  • Design guidelines
  • 3D modeling
  • Facilitation – public, community
  • Feasibility studies
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Design guidelines
  • Tourism master planning