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Our Philosophy

Design Innovation + Craftsmanship

D+K provides our clients with exceptional results and the highest level of service. We bring an appreciation for the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach, strong project management and clear communication combined with our passion for finding creative and innovative solutions.

Listen, Analyze, Explore, Design

Through process-oriented design, Dunn + Kiley (D+K) integrates the built and natural environment to create thriving, healthy and sustainable communities. D+K is skilled at steering complex projects through community and regulatory hurdles, acquire approvals and advance into construction. We accomplish this with clear communication, passionate engagement and innovative, quality design.

Passion & Purpose
Love of the Land

Dan Kiley Design Principles

  • Appropriate (APT) and Elegant
  • Scale + Proportion
  • Spatial Development and Progression Through the Space
  • Bold Forms
  • Love of Plants – Layering + Texture

Chris Dunn, Kathleen Kiley-Dunn, Tom Gardner + Lukas Coker

Dunn + Kiley is an internationally recognized planning and design firm that specializes in the planning and design of healthy and beautiful campus, community, urban and resorts. The firm has completed a wide range of award-winning projects from urban in-fill, historic campus renovations, master planned communities and resorts throughout the world. The senior management at Dunn + Kiley is committed to being hands-on with our projects and providing full principal attention to every assignment.


Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn is a registered landscape architect and urban designer with experience in the master planning and detailed design of private and public institutions, municipal facilities, and resort and master-planned communities in the United States, Middle East and Asia. In 30 years of professional practice he has been responsible for development of master plans and site-specific designs for numerous college campuses, town and urban centers, resort communities, and civic institutions. Mr. Dunn owned and managed two mid-sized, highly regarded professional design firms and was a Principal at EDAW prior to starting Dunn + Kiley. He has overseen all aspects of project development: initiation, design conceptualization and refinement, value engineering, construction administration, and post-occupancy evaluation. He has managed very large and complex projects with multiple consultant teams and has facilitated contentious entitlement applications.
President and Office Manager

Kathleen Kiley-Dunn

Kathleen Kiley-Dunn is the president and office manager of Dunn + Kiley. Kathleen has overseen all aspects of the firm since its original founding in 1984, leading the firm’s growth through many economic cycles. Prior to and including Dunn + Kiley’s early years, Kathleen was the manager for The Office of Dan Kiley. She held this role for over 25 years. Kathleen manages all office staffing, contracts and financial management.

Tom Gardner

Tom Gardner is an Urban Designer and Landscape Architect with over twenty-five years of experience on a broad range of project types including mixed use commercial and residential development, major urban parks and streetscapes. He has worked as a designer and project manager leading multidisciplinary teams through the design and implementation process on numerous master-planned and built projects in the United States, Middle East and Asia.
Tom’s focus is to create livable projects that have the flexibility to adapt with future market changes preserving the planning and design intent while allowing for the residents and users of the community to have various choices regarding housing options, means of transportation and the allowance for active lifestyles in a pedestrian oriented urban environment.

Lukas Coker

Lukas Coker is a Landscape/Urban Designer with four years of experience on a range of projects types including high-end residential, streetscapes, mixed use commercial, and ski resorts. He has worked as a designer on projects throughout the Denver metro area, multiple US states and Asia.
Lukas grew up in northern New Mexico, spending the first ten years of his life living in Bandelier National Monument where his father was a Park Ranger. This instilled a love and respect for nature and has greatly influenced his design thinking. Lukas focuses on integrating climate appropriate plantings and local materials when possible to create drought tolerant landscapes that highlight native flora and provide enjoyable experiences for its users.


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Dimensions of Dan Kiley, Part 2

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