Various Ski Resorts in China

Dunn + Kiley has designed 12 mountain resorts and ski areas in China since 2009.  The projects have been located throughout the country and ranged in size from 5,000 acres to 20,000 acres.  All included ski lifts and trails (designed by Chris Cushing of SE Group) and extensive base villages designed by Dunn + Kiley.  Each of the sites were underdeveloped and required new roads, utilities and land use zoning. The projects include a detailed site analysis of the surrounding region, environmental review and design of pedestrian friendly, high density villages adjacent to the ski trails.

Location: Throughout Northern China
Project Type: Ski Resort Master Plans - Site Design + Landscape Architecture
Area: 5,000 acres (20 Km2) to 20,000 acres (80 Km2)